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CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 Kitchen Cabinet Trend

In contemporary kitchens, all-white cabinetry has been a popular pick. Homeowners are drawn to white because it’s a neutral color and neutrals are timeless. All-white cabinets are popular because they give the space an open, clean, simple, and practical concept.

This trend will go on for some time while, slowly, another style is emerging in popularity.
All-white cabinetry is being combined with other cabinetry surfaces such as wood grains, steel, concrete, etc.

There are many reasons this is becoming the trend. Connection to the outdoors and uniqueness are just a few reasons homeowners are marrying the two.

Some homeowners like to include natural elements to feel connected to the outdoors.  Each outdoor element has characteristics that convey particular impressions. Wood is natural and organic, concrete is sturdy and heavy, steel is sleek and strong, glass is smooth and light, and so forth.

Collaborating with different colors, textures, materials, and finishes with their white cabinetry will make the space look unique and feel special while maintaining timeless design.

Different surfaces, worktops, accessories, and lighting can make the design more interesting. Leicht offers variations in all those categories.  Check out more designs at  leichtatlanta.com 






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