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CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living the Loft Life

Loft living is a popular lifestyle. It's a great way to create green living spaces by recycling vintage apartment buildings, offices, warehouses or factories. And typically, it gets people into the inner city where they have easy access to all sorts of cultural amenities, parks, and shopping--often within walking distance.

Since lofts are usually large open spaces, it is possible to configure the space to suit your needs or lifestyle. The kitchen especially is well-suited to an open design, and clean-lined, unfussy contemporary cabinetry is the perfect choice for lofts. And we happen to have the perfect modern cabinetry to create a loft kitchen--Leicht cabinetry from Germany.

Leicht is the leading kitchen cabinetry manufacturer in Germany and they are on the cutting edge in style and innovations. When you have such an open interior as a loft, you want your kitchen to be neat and uncluttered, and your appliances concealed or integrated as much as possible. With Leicht you will find clever, and beautiful, storage solutions for all your kitchen equipment behind all the doors and drawers. And there are many styles and colors to choose from and price levels to suit any budget.

Check out our ad in the current issue of LoftLife, Spring 2010; and visit our special website devoted to Leicht cabinetry at www.leichtstudiobycsi.com. And be sure to visit our showroom to see displays of Leicht in person.






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