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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Schrock's Huge Product Launch

Schrock Cabinetry continues to make substantial additions and changes to their product lineup. Their recent launch was one of the biggest ever!

One of the biggest changes is that Schrock has combined its Value styles into the Trademark group to give more options to the Value doors. Now colors that were only available in Trademark are available on a wider selection of door styles.

I love the beautiful new colors Schrock has introduced! These are colors inspired by nature and work well in combination with other colors. There's Honeysuckle, a soft painted yellow finish; Tidal Mist, a pale dusty blue; Portobello, a sophisticated neutral painted finish; Oasis, a blue-green painted finish; and Havana, a warm earthy brown stain. The "Heirloom" technique can be added to any of these colors for a worn, antique look.

Have 8' ceilings? As you know, usually when ceilings are 96" high, the cabinets rise to 90" and you are left with either 6" of open space above the cabinets or 6" of soffit board and crown. Well, Schrock has added a new 93" overall cabinet height so that only 3" is left to fill at the top. This maximizes storage space and still leaves room for crown molding to finish off the look.

Speaking of finishing touches--new legs, corbels and furniture feet give you more options than ever to create the look you want--whether contemporary, Arts and Crafts or traditional!

Schrock is well-known for its SmartSolutions™ storage features. New additions include a pantry storage unit with pots and pans pullout, an "X" shaped wine storage cabinet, a base "magic corner" swingout, and a full height trash can unit for larger trash cans.

Visit CSI's showroom soon to learn more about the flexibility and choices you have with Schrock for your new kitchen!






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