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Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 Kitchen Cabinet Trend

In contemporary kitchens, all-white cabinetry has been a popular pick. Homeowners are drawn to white because it’s a neutral color and neutrals are timeless. All-white cabinets are popular because they give the space an open, clean, simple, and practical concept.

This trend will go on for some time while, slowly, another style is emerging in popularity.
All-white cabinetry is being combined with other cabinetry surfaces such as wood grains, steel, concrete, etc.

There are many reasons this is becoming the trend. Connection to the outdoors and uniqueness are just a few reasons homeowners are marrying the two.

Some homeowners like to include natural elements to feel connected to the outdoors.  Each outdoor element has characteristics that convey particular impressions. Wood is natural and organic, concrete is sturdy and heavy, steel is sleek and strong, glass is smooth and light, and so forth.

Collaborating with different colors, textures, materials, and finishes with their white cabinetry will make the space look unique and feel special while maintaining timeless design.

Different surfaces, worktops, accessories, and lighting can make the design more interesting. Leicht offers variations in all those categories.  Check out more designs at  leichtatlanta.com 

Thursday, June 22, 2017



Modern and Contemporary designs are growing more popular these days. Both styles have their own unique characteristics. However, many times, it is tricky to distinguish between a modern interior and a contemporary interior. It is difficult to differentiate because they are so similar and we assume they are the same. 

Let’s talk about Modern design. Modern design denotes a period in time during the 1920s-1950s. This was a time of new inventions and machination. Modernists were forward thinkers and challenged traditional views. Technology and social norms were reflected through art and design, thus, new artistic forms emerged. Some of the common characteristics of a modern design would include materials of the time, geometric shapes, and artistic trends including minimalism, surrealism, cubism, etc.

Materials that are common in this style includes: natural woods, plywood, plastic, linen, and leather. Furniture is made simplistic with elegant shapes. A modern space will look and feel simple, airy, and clean with colors that are monochromatic and neutral.


While Modern design is about the 20th century era, Contemporary design integrates Modernism with today’s trends and movements. This means that Contemporary design is always changing. Today’s contemporary materials will be in lacquer, glass, stone, steel, cork, etc. Currently, sustainability is in demand, so there will be a lot of materials that are eco-friendly and designs will have the indoor-outdoor feel.  Contemporary interiors are also minimalistic, simple, and clean-lined. 

Check out more designs from the Leicht website!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


You are remodeling your bathroom and you’re not sure how you want your bathroom to look. First of all, pick an inspirational piece and use your design ideas around that inspirational item.

Look at several elements such as texture, material, and color.
When considering texture, you should think about scale, light, and visual weight. These features determine how something feels, whether it’s tactile or visual. Rough textures usually add weight to an object, making the item feel more dense and cozy. While softer textures create a lightweight, smooth impression.
A key component to consider is material. A material can mimic some of the special characteristics of another. A good example is the wooden-like tile floor in the image which is actually made of porcelain made to look like wood. You can say you have wood for your bathroom floor!
Lastly, choose the perfect color scheme. Anticipate how you’d like to feel towards the space or object. Choosing color temperature is choosing warm or cool colors. Darker tones such as grays and blues tend to feel cool, fresh, and relaxing. While red, orange and yellow are professed as warm, vibrant and energetic.

Look at the image of the tile back-splash. There are a lot of fun patterns and textures, different materials, and complementary colors all in harmony. The rough surface of the porcelain represents sand on a beach, while the reflective glass is perceived as the ocean. The tile has subtle hues of cool colors consisting of greens, blues, greys, and white.
You have an awesome tile, but what are you to do with it? Make sure to pair it with something complementary. The hues of the tile are quite subtle, so my next step is to match it with a contrasting and bold finish.  For instance, metal, oil-rubbed bronze faucet would warm up the space a little bit. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

What's New for 2017?

As 2016 comes to an end, we look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2017.  If you  have been holding off on that kitchen or bath renovation, now is a great time to go forward and make it happen. 

We at CSI are seeing some very interesting and innovative developments in our industry that makes us very excited about kitchen and bath design possibilities for the coming year.

One trend we love is the use of textured woods for cabinets. Yes, oak is back, and in a big way; but not your grandpa's oak! today's oak utilizes different sawing techniques like quarter-sawn and rift-cut to change the appearance of the graining pattern.  We are seeing rougher textures that include the natural knots and blemishes in wood to create an interesting surface.  The wood may also be wire-brushed to give it a weathered, old barn wood look, and combined with stains and glazes to further enhance the texture.

The other big trend we see in cabinets is in painted finishes.  Grays, whites, and creams are hot, and the combinations of painted finishes with the textured woods are very appealing.  We also see a surge in other colors, like blues and greens, to put a personal stamp on a kitchen or bath.

Lighting is the other major trend we see in kitchens now.  Lighted cabinet interiors are being requested more and more. Glass-fronted cabinets can be lit traditionally with halogens in the ceiling, but advances in LED technology also allows unobtrusive narrow strip lighting down the sides.  There are even glass shelves that can include LED lighting.  And how about lighted drawers and base cabinets to make it easier to find items?  Pendants, chandeliers, and ceiling fixtures have also become major design statements in the kitchen with the bold new designs that are available now.

So, we are very excited about about the new looks and trends that are coming on the market, and we invite you to visit our showroom to see what the future has in store for your next project! 






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