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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Color Trends, 2014

Color Trends, 2014

As the New Year approaches, so do new colors.  Every year a group of people related to all fields of design get together to study the current color trends and to plan and set next year's color and palette.  And, believe it or not, their selections reflect, project, and influence the state of our contemporary lives.  From the world's current political stability to its economical circumstances, consumers, whether or not they are consciously aware of it, surround themselves in colors reflecting their mood towards contemporary society and how they see themselves in it.   So, as we continue heading into more positive political and economical times, the buzzwords around color speak to stability, endurance, and a new sense of neutrality.

In 2014 designers will be utilizing balanced color palettes to help restore equilibrium.  There is an overall focus on establishing a new sense of balance - of creating something grounded in tradition that optimistically looks forward.  The current trend is to combine vivid brights with soft pastels to create colors people can depend on.

Be it our clothes or our home, we all like to express ourselves as individuals and this upcoming season's color palette will allow us to do just that...and do it with confidence.  There is an emerging "new traditional" which mixes "safe" tones with hints of color to create "new neutrals."  These "new neutrals" express an individual's unique style while giving us all a sense of endurance normally attributed to traditionally "timeless" colors.

The "new neutrals" arose from the need to express ourselves as individuals that can endure.  While we all like the new, we still like to keep true to ourselves and this is what the "new neutrals" are all about - using colors to help bring a new sense of harmony and stability to our lives.

Be it a vivid bright mixed with a soft pastel, or a "new neutral" comprised of both, the 2014 color palette is all about harmony, equilibrium, and longevity.  With gray being "the new black" and colors that invite us to look at tradition in a new light, 2014 is going to be all about optimistic conservatism, traditional modernism...transitional colors if you will.

The New Blacks 

Traditions With A Splash of Color






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