CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

Friday, February 10, 2012

Miele's RemoteVision

Miele is on the cutting edge of appliance technology. They have introduced RemoteVision, a wireless appliance support system that monitors your refrigerator, freezer, wine storage unit, some dishwashers and laundry units to warn you if there is a problem. We all spend a lot of money on food these days. Wouldn't you like to be informed if a door was left ajar so it could be closed before food began to spoil? And for wine connoisseurs who have a lot invested in valuable vintages, being alerted to a problem could save them hundreds of dollars. If a problem occurs, you will receive notification via e-mail and a service appointment can be scheduled. When you are purchasing the ultimate in appliances, protect your investment by including the ultimate in service as well.






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