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CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

Thursday, May 4, 2017


You are remodeling your bathroom and you’re not sure how you want your bathroom to look. First of all, pick an inspirational piece and use your design ideas around that inspirational item.

Look at several elements such as texture, material, and color.
When considering texture, you should think about scale, light, and visual weight. These features determine how something feels, whether it’s tactile or visual. Rough textures usually add weight to an object, making the item feel more dense and cozy. While softer textures create a lightweight, smooth impression.
A key component to consider is material. A material can mimic some of the special characteristics of another. A good example is the wooden-like tile floor in the image which is actually made of porcelain made to look like wood. You can say you have wood for your bathroom floor!
Lastly, choose the perfect color scheme. Anticipate how you’d like to feel towards the space or object. Choosing color temperature is choosing warm or cool colors. Darker tones such as grays and blues tend to feel cool, fresh, and relaxing. While red, orange and yellow are professed as warm, vibrant and energetic.

Look at the image of the tile back-splash. There are a lot of fun patterns and textures, different materials, and complementary colors all in harmony. The rough surface of the porcelain represents sand on a beach, while the reflective glass is perceived as the ocean. The tile has subtle hues of cool colors consisting of greens, blues, greys, and white.
You have an awesome tile, but what are you to do with it? Make sure to pair it with something complementary. The hues of the tile are quite subtle, so my next step is to match it with a contrasting and bold finish.  For instance, metal, oil-rubbed bronze faucet would warm up the space a little bit. 






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