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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Disasters with HGTV’S Kim Myles, 2013

Holiday Disasters with HGTV’S Kim Myles, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio had a very pleasant surprise.  We had the honor of hosting the filming of HGTV’s Design Star's Kim Myles' Holiday Disasters segment.  The filming took place in our very own Norcross showroom and utilized our Ruskin display by Rutt Handcrafted Cabinetry  as the set.  Kim’s segment has already aired on a number of television stations but, in case you missed it, we thought we’d share.
In her Holiday Disasters segment, Kim Myles discusses tips on how to gracefully side-step roadblocks any holiday party might throw your way.  Kim believes that the most common holiday disasters happen around food and drinks.  In her segment she covers 4 main tips to help avoid those looming holiday disasters.

Tip One | Appetizers

The key to kicking off your party right is to keep the appetizers easy…”quick and easy” to be exact.  If your party typically creeps into all corners of your home it’s a good idea to have appetizers guests can take with them.  This will allow people to get in and out of the appetizer zone and help alleviate the congestion that typically occurs around the appetizer table.

Tip Two | Drinks…and their STAINS

We all know the key to a good time is a little bubbly, but Kim suggests keeping it simple.  Your party is not the time for you to become a bartender, so a few bottles of wine and some beer should do the trick…until someone spills their red wine that is! 
Drink spillage is inevitable – it is going to happen.  So be ready.  Kim suggests having an all-purpose stain remover you can use on any surface or fabric so that when that red wine spills on your dress as it makes its way to your carpet you’ll be ready.

Tip Three | Embarrassing Moments

At every good holiday party someone is bound to get embarrassed…that’s what makes them memorable right?  But, funny and embarrassing moments aside, Kim Myles believes there is nothing more embarrassing than being stuck in the kitchen while your guests feast on the food you prepared and enjoy the party you're supposed to be hosting.  So, to help with prep and cooking time (and to make sure you join in your own festivities), go with some premade/precooked items like a Honey Baked Ham you know your guests will love.

Tip Four | Party’s Over – Get Out…please

As hosts, we’ve all been there before – the moment it’s time to call it an evening but you can’t find the right way to tell your guests it’s time to go home.  Though Kim shares a few tips on how to subtly suggest it’s time to go, she believes the sure-shot solution is to ask your guests to help clean up. 
Though Thanksgiving has come and gone, there are still a few weeks of fun and family left in this 2013 holiday season.  So be sure to check out Kim Myles’ tips on how to avoid this season’s most common holiday disasters…especially if you know you’ll be playing host.






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